Medieval Southwell

We think there is a distinct Southwell fabric, although the kiln sites have not yet been found (Jane Young pers comm.). The jug forms are very similar to Nottingham but it is a sandier fabric and has more in common with Beverley type wares from Yorkshire. We are conducting more research on this and will update as we find out more. The date ranges should be taken as circa but are based on good evidence. There are separate galleries for each type, give the images time to upload, click on a picture in the gallery and you will be able to scroll through the gallery.

The first block shows a late 12th -early 13th splashed glaze type jug, similar to Nottingham wares of the period. The second block are samples from what we have termed Southwell Area Coarse Splashed Wares (SACSPL) similar to the jug above. The third block is termed Southwell Area Quartz and Shell Temepered (SAQS), mid 11th- E13th Wares. The fourth block are samples of Southwell Dull Oxidised Medieval Glazed Wares (SDOXMG) early 13th- mid 14th with oxidised fabrics and suspension glaze. The fifth block are Southwell Area Medieval Glazed Ware (SOAMG) early 13th -early 15th, showing a lighter firing fabric and a development of the suspension glazes.