Archaeological ceramics of Nottinghamshire

Since 2013, Southwell Community Archaeology Group (SCAG) have collected, via excavations and fieldwalking, over 6,000 pottery sherds from in and around the town. Working with local ceramics experts Jane Young (Medieval) and Ian Rowlandson (Roman) we have developed teaching sets and samples to identify a type series for the area. The collection includes imports from beyond Nottinghamshire so may be of wider relevance.

This website enables the storage of photographs, descriptions and data to support this collection and enable further research and identification. Please feel free to explore the site and use the data, you can click on a photo below to take you to a page or use the menu above for navigation. I would appreciate an acknowledgement (see the About page). Also if you have any information to add to the value of this collection please use the comments page.

Many of the photgraphs are taken with a digital microscope. Sometimes the depth of field does not always accurately capture the fracture but hopefully the inclusions are apparent. There is no substitute for handling the sherds yourself!

I am continuously adding to the site. The Blog page will contain updates on our latest research and findings. To navigate the site use the menu above or click on the pictures above.